Hello from Vienna!

This is just to say that when traveling and auditioning anything can happen. I had been looking forward to going to Vienna for weeks. I had done everything to best prepare myself. I was packed and ready with everything all set to go.The night before my flight, I came down with a very bad stomach flu! Nobody likes to be sick, but being sick days before an audition and hours before a flight is a pretty big nuisance. After contemplating whether to stay or go, I managed to drag myself onto the plane and get to Vienna, and I am so happy that I did.

What a beautiful city Vienna is! I was lucky enough to audition at such a beautiful opera house and to explore the city a little bit afterwards. I visited a museum of Imperial dishes and apartments as well a historical overview of the Imperial family and the Empress Elizabeth! While staying for a few days I needed to find a place to take class. This was a little difficult but I found a dance school that offered a few open classes per week and gym that offered a day pass for 10€. I visited a beautiful shop of traditional Austrian and Bavarian clothing called Loden-Plankl. I loved looking at the attention to detail in all the coats, dresses, hats, and socks. This store is definitely worth a visit as it’s just as interesting as any museum!






dance school