What a beautiful city Zurich is! There are so many lovely shops and buildings. All of them you can travel to by tram which is easy and fun. I was only in Zurich for a short time but I loved how relaxing the city feels. However, Zurich is very expensive! In fact, it is one of the most expensive cities in the world. A small cup of coffee is around 5 Swiss Francs and a casual lunch will be around 25 Francs. If you ever visit there, budget your money well because there are so many interesting things to do and see.

It has been several weeks since I started traveling for auditions. Now is the time that I am missing my regular classes. I have met several other dancers who are struggling with the same feelings. It is hard to be away from your daily classes because you feel like you are getting “worse,” but you know at the same time that you have to go and audition in order to have a chance to do anything. I have been lucky enough to find open open classes in every city I have been to, if not every day, than a few days a week. I also took the opportunity to use some gyms to keep in good physical shape. It can be frustrating, dull, and lonely if you are alone. Try to remember that everyone is in the same boat so you might as well make some friends because you will be seeing them from city to city!